Virgin Coconut Oil

Known as the Tree of Life, virgin coconut oil is an integral part of the Pacific Identity. The oil is extracted from the coconut flesh with minimal amount of processing that means that no heat or chemical compounds are used during the process. 

Our virgin coconut oil is wholesome and healthy. The most delightful part is the lauric acid content. This amazing compound is rare in nature, except in mother's milk. Virgin coconut oil also works to boost the immune system, aid in mineral absorption and has antumicrobial properties that help fight off bacteria and illness. Our oil is completly unrefined - this ensures that the oil retains all the natural goodness of the coconut itself. 

The presence of biologically active components in virgin coconut oil. is the main difference betweeen traditional coconut oil and virgin coconut oil. The natural substances, which are present in minute quantities, provide health benefits, especially preventing or minimizing chronic diseases. 

Virgin coconut oil is 100% raw virgin coconut oil. Naturally organic, gluten free with no trans or hydrogenated fats and no cholesterol. 

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Noni Juice

Pacific Rori

Pacific Rori grows naturally in the beautiful clean waters around the New Zealand coast.  First samples of this plentiful shellfish were caught in the Marlborough Sounds, which is where the divers are based.

The name 'Rori' is the Maori translation for sea slug and represents the proud national culture of New Zealand, who continue to enjoy the ocean for its many delicious seafoods.

Pacific Rori is a shield shell mollusk, latin name Scutus Breviculus.  The strong, thick shell is mostly hidden within the flesh but comes away easily to prepare for cooking.  Very similar to New Zealand abalone in appearance, texture and taste, the Pacific Rori is a newly commercialized product and provides customers with a cheaper, more accessible alternative.