For centuries this seaweed substance has been an important dietary component for many island and coastal nations such as Japan, Polynesia and Tonga.  "Fucoidan is a sulfated polysaccharide composed mainly of fucopyranoside and natural sulphate," said Marina Linsley, Marketing Director for NP Nutra in Rancho Dominguez, CA.  "Fucoidan has been found to support and enhance the immune system in several ways, including stimulating the body's natural killer cells and increasing certain proteins that are produced by white blood cells."  As reported in a recent study by I.D. Makarenkova (Vopr Virusol, January - February 2010), Fucoidan exhibited strong virucidal activity against the highly virulent avian influenza virus influenza A/H5N1, suppressing virus production within 24 hours of infection.


Epidemiological studies show a high positive correlation between levels of selenium, an antioxidant trace mineral nutrient and overall good health.  "Selenium modulates the immune system by increasing killer cell activity and is believed to have a stimulatory effect on antibody production," said Sabinsa's Dr. Majeed.  "Selenium's nutritional status is also considered to be the driving force for influenza virus mutations.  For example, studies indicate that a nonvirulent virus in a selenium-deficient host mutates to become super virulent - a killer virus.  Therefore a healthy selenium nutritional status may be beneficial in containing epidemics by providing enhanced immunity to infection, inhibiting the spread of the virulence and generating a robust response to infection or severe inflammation."


This remarkable substance is produced by mammals within the first 12 hours after birth.  "Through its natural richness in biological compounds, colostrum enhances the immune system, promotes gut health and improves sports performance," said Kaare Axelsen, Business Development Manager for Ingredia, Arras, France.  "Colostrum naturally contains immuno-stimulating immunoglobulin's, of which the most abundant are type G immunoglobulin's (IgG), lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme and proline-rich polypeptides."


"Colostrum is nature's perfect first food," agreed APS BioGroup's Dr. Keech.  "It is estimated colostrum triggers at least 50 processes in the new-born, including transferring the immune factors and the memory from the mother's own immune system.  The most important active ingredients are the proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs).  Proline-rich polypeptides are identical in all mammals and have the unique ability to modulate the immune system, increasing its activity level in the case of a suppressed immune state and decreasing its activity level when the immune system is overactive.  When an infection is detected by scout immune cells or dentric cells, chemical signals go out to mobilize other cells to come to the defense and fight off the infection."